[Isis-users] Pick lists in J-ISIS intermediate beta release

SARA DIANA TELIAS saratelias at yahoo.com.ar
Fri Dec 10 14:53:32 CET 2010

Thank you Jean Claude.
WeI'll wait for them. 
Merry Christmas and happy new year!
Sara Diana Telias

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Enviado: viernes, 10 de diciembre, 2010 10:18:33
Asunto: Re: Pick lists in J-ISIS intermediate beta release

Dear Sara Diana,

Unfortunately, Pick lists are not yet implemented in this release of J-ISIS. I 
am working on this issue and hope to have one implementation
pretty soon. This is my next priority, Pick lists will be UNICODE and formatted 
in XML. They will be saved on files encoded in UTF-8.

I have also to update the documentation because many things have changed and 
also to describe the new features.

Sorry Sara Diana for the inconvenience,

With my best wishes,


PS) All your comments and suggestions are welcome

On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 5:35 AM, SARA DIANA TELIAS <saratelias at yahoo.com.ar> 

Dear Jean Claude:
>I could not achieve to generate pick lists in data entrying.
>Is there any manual with more explanations? In J-ISIS Quick Tutorial I haven't 
>found them.
>I don´t know if they picklist for data entry is virtual or if it must be defined 
>previously, like in winisis.
>Thank you in advance, Sara Diana Telias
De: Jean-Claude Dauphin <jc.dauphin at gmail.com>
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>Enviado: jueves, 9 de diciembre, 2010  7:05:35
>Asunto: [Isis-users] J-ISIS intermediate beta release
>Dear ISIS Users,
>For thus which are interested in testing J-ISIS new features,  I haveuploaded a 
>new release of J-ISIS on Kenai Web site.
>This release contains many improvements that need to be documented:
>- Client Z3950 that works with MARC records in general (ISO 2709). MARC21 and 
>UNIMARC records are converted according to the right encoding
>  Retrieved records can be selected and exported in ISO, MARCXML or PLAIN TEXT 
>  Use Tool->Z3950
>- Possibility to enter a PFT (possibly with Groovy functions) as default value 
>in a worksheet (Worksheet Editor and Advanced Worksheet Editor)
>-Data Entry and Advanced Data Entry: Display only non empty records, create copy 
>of a record, clear, etc. 
> -Implementation of marked records and search history
>-Many more .....
>I have some more improvements and yet missing features to implement before 
>updating the documentation.
>However, this new release solves the Linux problem with Mozilla.
>Would you please try this new version and let me know if you always have this 
>Best wishes,
>Jean-Claude Dauphin
>jc.dauphin at gmail.com
>jc.dauphin at afus.unesco.org

Jean-Claude Dauphin

jc.dauphin at gmail.com
jc.dauphin at afus.unesco.org


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