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Abel R. Monteiro monteiroabel at hotmail.com
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Egbert & Ernesto ,
I'm interested to be 
registered as volunteer to work on some of the tasks.
Best regards,
Abel Monteiro
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2012 10:27:43 -0200
From: spinaker at adinet.com.uy
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Subject: [Isis-users] ABCD version 2.0 - English announcement


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    Dear colleagues,


    The ABCD Suite v.1 was launched in December 2009, and as you know by
    your participation in this list, tens of institutes have installed
    it either partially or completely, as a public application or as an
    internal development within the institution.


    During these 2 years several corrections and minor improvements on
    ABCD have been published as 'patches', evaluation workshops have
    been held, trainings have been organized in many countries, both in
    presential format and online.


    Anyway, the technology keeps advancing as well as the needs, so we
    understand that actualization of ABCD is necessary in a way that
    maintains compatibility with the technology, responding to new needs
    and adding new functions.


    We want to announce that we are about to launch an actualisation and
    updating project for ABCD, aiming to publish a version 2.0 mid 2012.
    We have already engaged about 10 professional experts of this list
    along with financial input from four institutes for some specialized
    programming assignments.


    But, since the project is large, we will again need the contribution
    and co-operation of all of you. As we did in the year 2009, when
    more than 80 persons from 21 countries have worked together very
    successfull, now we are calling to combine forces for the version
    2.0 of ABCD.




    In this month March we will start registering volunteers who can
    spend part of their time to work on different tasks. We describe the
    elements needed under here.

    In a few days we will explain how to communicate and register for
    these activities, which will be divided in groups with a
    co-ordinator for each.


    Some of the tasks envisaged are : 

     - Test the different modules in either Windows or Linux

     - Translation of messages for the new functions in several

     - Update online help-pages (or write new ones) to cover the new
    elements or work out examples

     - Translate these pages from Spanish or English into all four
    languages: Spanish, English, French, Portugese

     - Review the manuals and update them

     - We need tow or three programmers with experience in PHP,
    JavaScript and CSS to review and debug the new features of ABCD

     - We need one or two experts in Java


    We invite everybody who has installed ABCD, who is working with one
    or more of its modules and have had problems, to send us suggestions
    and reports on problems etc.

    Please don't send these to the list, we want to provide specific
    channels for this information.


    Preliminary list of improvements for ABCD v2.0 


    - Compatibility with PHP 5.3 or higher

    - Change all calls to IsisScript by direct CISIS-calls

    - Complete the Central Loans module : reservations, online
    user-interaction and debugging on problems reported (e.g. days/hour

    - Finish the options of using the separate copies database or the
    copies kept in the catalog

    - Thesaurus management module (new feature)

    - new OAI module (replacing the old one which had problems)

    - Digital Library feature (new feature)

    - Add a 'traffic-control' function for the Update Inverted File
    function to avoid locks (new function)

    - Debugging other reported problems

    - Simplify MARC-worksheets and formats

    - Replace ABCD Site v.4.1 with version BVS Site 5.1.11 

    - Finish reporting module

    - Add SDI function (new)

    - Update the help documentation and translations

    - Update SeCS-Web and finish documentation

    - Mirror sites and servers for download and distribution of ABCD

    - EmpWeb - finish some pending issues

    - etc, etc, etc



     Don't send them now, soon we will inform you about this in a more
    organized way. 




    Time schedule



    There will be a mid-term evaluation workshop for experts, end of May
    in Antwerp

    (participation only by invitation, participants are expected to pay
    their own expenses)


    Delivery of beta version in July 2012

    Delivery of version 2.0 end of August 2012




    If an institute wishes to contribute with programming/coding time or
    financial input, allow us to co-ordinate. Send an e-mail to our
    personal addresses to Egbert de Smet and Ernesto Spinak. 



    Egbert & Ernesto


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