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*No habrá versión en español, disculpen, pero dio mucho trabajo hacerlo 
en inglés*
Dear colleagues

This is the work plan prepared by the task-force wich is a balance 
between the desirable and what is possible to do in the next five months.
We have summarized many similar requests in a single line that include 
most of the ideas about a same topic.
Well, now is the time you do hear your views. Send comments, as many as 
you want
Next week we will read carefully your comments and the following week 
we'll have a final document.
Programming time begins April 1st.

OK folks, let's begin a full brainstorm

Regards, Ernesto & Egbert & Guilda



Align ABCD Suite to PHP 5.3 or better


Change all calls to IsisScript to direct calls to CISIS


Complete option of using Copies as a separate database or including 
accession numbers in the Catalog dabase


Add a flagging function in Update Inverted File to avoid freezing


Change ABCD Site v.4.1 with version BVS Site 5.1.11. - DOCUMENT how to 
upgrade from Site 4.1 to Site 5.1.11


Open mirror Sites of ABCD


Guide explaining the process of updating from ABCD 1.x to 2.0


Change method of sending data to server from GET to POST so it is 
possible to send more data


Make it possible to generate from ABCD MX scripts that can be executed 
from the command line. This is needed for those processes which take a 
long time and make the server appear to freeze with the possibility of 

*NEW features / modules*


Thesaurus. Creation of databases with Thes structure and management. 
More than one db, more than one Authority File


OAI new module for replacement of present version


Digital Library Feature (full text records up to 1 MB in this version)




Simplify the MARC worksheets


Replace the editor of FDT, FST, worksheets, etc because it does not 
function well in all browsers, in particular Chrome


Organize the different types of field, and clarify the different options 
of date fields more clearly


Quality control functions in the checking true/false, but it does not 
function in dynamic situations, and should apply in procs in accordance 
with the context in BEGIN or END. The option of warning does not work, 
only the option fatal.


Accept fields where the first subfield does NOT have a delimiter (^*)


The delimiters ^1 ^2should be enabled as real subfields and NOT used as 
MARC indicators

Note: ^0 should never be used


When in a series of subfields one is empty, it produces a "shift" in the 
sequence of data


CEPAL/Biblo, the option is not working to put up a file of the full 
text. I have already tried to change path in the pft that is inherited 
from Cepal, without success.


Automatic field in the record with the login name of the operator


When adding data or editing, it would be good to add an option that 
opens all the field groups or closes them.


Function for checking the ISBN (10 or 13 dígits) when it is entered


Allow set pre-selections (default values) in picklists


Text following apostrophe. While editing a subfield whose content 
contains an apostrophe, I notice that data previously input after the 
apostrophe disappears. For example, if I enter in 245$a the text /: Etat 
des lieux des droits de l'homme dans le monde/, while modifying the 
record, the new content becomes: */Etat des lieux des droits de l.../*


Adding copies and loan objects: This function should be revised. Adding 
and deleting copies works, but the process of adding these to the loan 
objects gives problems. It adds the copy, but it still shows that it is 
in process, and one has to edit it manually.

Are loan objects deleted automatically when they are deleted in the 
copies database?


Could a procedure be added whereby item information in existing 
databases in the catalogue itself can be exported and copies and loan 
objects can be populated? It would be very time consuming to add items 
and loan objects manually in very large databases.


*Z39.50* searching: Some providers, e.g. OCLC require a user name and 
password to download records. Presently one can't use these databases in 
ABCD, as there is no option to add the the name and password in the 
Z39.50 configuration.


*Z39.50* conversion from for example MARC 21 records does not remove the 
punctuation in the MARC records, e.g. the / or the : . Is there a way 
that once could specify what should be removed when the record is 
converted to the local format in the conversion table?


In ABCD, a fixed length coded field is automatically linked to position 
6 of the Leader of the data base in which it is defined and provides a 
child window that is automatically activated for data input according to 
the material being described and indicated in position 6 of the Leader. 
Therefore, it is impossible to have more than one active fixed length 
coded field in the same database. Hence, it is not possible to define a 
complete UNIMARC database structure with ABCD, because this format 
requires about twenty fixed length coded fields.


A revision and improvement in the assignment of the control number, 
since the control number is the basic element for the relationship 
between records, loans module, etc. and therefore cannot have 
duplicates. Currently the automatic assignment is done only for new 
records (originals). In my opinion it should also be assigned in the 
records created by copy cataloguing, therefore in the records created by 
copying (either Z39.50, of the same database or another one), which is 
much used in practice, or the control number is not normalized, or it 
generates duplicates. Another detail: when assigning a control number, 
either automatically or manually, the system would have to make a 
duplicate test and not allow generating duplicates.



Many times it is necessary to load a temporary PFT or modify and/or 
check something in an existing one. It is complex to go to modify, or 
takes a long time.


Utilities to lock and unlock databases. Currently only the message 
"coming soon!"


Activate the functions of locking and unlocking a *database* to avoid 
data entry when you are executing maintenance functions.


It seems that the "Global Change" utility is not working properly, that 
is, changing the specified string


Prepare a set of most common statistical reports used in libraries



Complete and populate Print module


Selective dissemination of information (current awareness)


Request for bibliography or copies with database of process control


Generic check URLs. Accept as input three parameters: dabase / server / 
url field



Update manuals


Update online helps to new version



Deletion of ABCD system user is not working. When I want to delete the 
expiry date, only the ISO date can be deleted, but not the system date.


/Operator's Profile/: When an operator enters the central module, his 
profile is restricted to the use of a determined set of formats of data 
entry. On the other hand, the system allows associating a record with a 
certain data format. The dynamic association between type of record and 
set of formats allowed for an operator is not working correctly.


The permissions currently are divided into two groups: (a) dependent on 
the databases and (b) on the system functions, where the functions are 
applied to all the databases. If we authorize permissions in a profile 
so that they can delete records in a database andthis profile has more 
than one database, deleting is allowed for both.



Complete the central Loans module: reservations, online interaction for 
borrowers (place reserves, reservations, view their loans, change password)


Loans by hours are not calculated exactly


Recalls by mobile phone


At the option of using the inventory number of the bibliographic 
database, available in version 1.2beta 1 did not store the information 
defined for field 100 of trans database. Without this information the 
loan receipt is incomplete.


Review the functionality of items borrowed to be reserved


Borrower history sometimes does not show the title of the item, but in 
most cases it is shown.


Add a function that the system will total the fines paid.


De-linking a database from the circulation module: Add a utility to do 
this in the same way as the linking is done.


Prepare a set of most common print outs needed in libraries (overdues, 
claims, historical analysis, etc)



On certain servers (Linux 64bits with kernel above 3.x) in spite of 
having installed the IA32 libraries, iAH in the search loses some 
variables in the response, and the headers and images do not appear, but 
it does the search correctly.


Maintain a list of searches, automatically, during the session, as in 
Winisis or ISIS for DOS. The users often ask for this.

*SeCS Web*


complete functions; debugging; update to PHP 5.3



Major revision of some features like "suggestions", and fixing bugs

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