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María Mercedes MacLean gaspyy at infovia.com.ar
Thu Mar 29 19:46:00 CEST 2012

I would have more than 25 libraries.
I tried but everything is in English, and ask lots of data.
It is not easy or quick to make that registration.
Maria Mercedes MacLean
gaspyy at infovia.com.ar
gaspyy60 at gmail.com
3m at proyectoleonardo.com.ar
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  I have been trying to track the libraries using ABCD in the lib-web-cats directory of libraries.  Currently, however, only a small number of libraries using it have registered.  Here is the list of the ones registered:



  If others that are using ABCD could either register or send me an e-mail information with the basic information, the list can be made more complete.  The link to the main page for lib-web-cats is here:


  On this page, just use the link to "Submit your library's information."


  I am not aware of another registry of libraries using ABCD or other CDS/ISIS applications.


  Best regards,




  Marshall Breeding

  Editor, Library Technology Guides


  marshall.breeding at librarytechnology.org





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  Dear friends,


  I where can I find  a list of the institutions that uses ABCD system? 


  Thank you for your help!


  Abel Monteiro

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