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Dear Piet of Keyser  
Anything is eternal, neither the life.  
Maybe owe again migrar. It is never known.   
Here, in my country, some things have changed and many Libraries that had softs payments and hosting services in other countries, can no longer make it and... they return to the sure thing, to that that - you say it - has the support of many colleagues of all parts and that they maintain I live and up-to-date an excellent product. Luck and we will already cross, maybe.
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  For twenty years now, our library automation has been running on ISIS software: first on the good old CDS/ISIS, then on Winisis and finally on Weblis. Now we have migrated to Aleph, not because we needed or wanted to, but because our college is part of an association of more than ten colleges and one university and all services are gradually integrating. 

  In these two decades ISIS and the ISIS users group stimulated us to solve so many automation challenges on our own or with the help of ISIS users from faraway places like South America, India or Africa. Through ISIS, I have met some wonderful people: Giampoalo del Bigio, Jean-Claude Dauphin, Ernesto Spinak, Guilda Ascentio, Henrik Rybinski, Egbert de Smet and  many others.

  For the last seven years we have been using Weblis, which has never let us down, and allowed us to do much more than just creating a library catalogue. (Personally I have very good memories of the Weblis training I have attended in Warsaw with Prof. Rybinki and his team: it were the best two weeks of 2005.)

  Although Weblis still was doing a great job for us, we now would migrate to ABCD, which is, as you all know, the next generation in ISIS library automation. Our  library will not be one of the ABCD users, but I hope to follow up on ABCD in some of the African development aid projects we participate in, and I hope to use it as a training tool in the library school where I am teaching.

  Most of you I only now from our e-mail correspondence about some technical problems. I thank everyone of you who has shared his or her knowledge or experiences concerning ISIS over all these years.

  Piet de Keyser



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