[Isis-users] J-ISIS 13 February 2013 (JavaFX and Native)

Jean-Claude Dauphin jc.dauphin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 16:09:13 CET 2013

Dear CDS-ISIS users,

 I am pleased to inform you that I have just uploaded two new releases of
J-ISIS and a document with screen shots from selected example databases:

1) J-ISIS 13 February
fixes the Dummy Field bug in the Print Formatting Language. This bug
occurred as a side effect of fixing other PFT bugs in the 24 January 2013
release. I should have developed more detailed unit tests for testing PFT
interpreter behavior whenever there are changes in the source code. I am
now writing these unit tests so that  such bugs will be detected before
uploading a new release. The default setting is also changed to use English.

Dummy Fields like:

"[Conference paper]"d44 were generating the following syntax error:

***Non Recoverable Syntax Error***0 col=0null

 The  J-ISIS 13 February
uses the JavaFX Webkit browser and needs JDK 7 with JavaFX that can
be downloaded from :

today, the most recent is the Java SE Development Kit 7u13

2) J-ISIS Native 13 February
release uses the native browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox or Mac
WebKit) instead of the JavaFX Webkit browser. It solves the display of
complex languages such as Tamil, loading is faster and it provides some of
the facilities offered by the native browser. However, some annoying
synchronization problems may yet appear. This is due to the mixing of Java
lightweight and heavyweight GUI components. Java 7 is supposed to better
handle the mixing of lightweight and heavyweight components, thus we may
hope that most of these problems have disappeared.

This release also include all improvements and bug fixes done in the J-ISIS
13 February 2013 JavaFX release.Please note that images may not be
displayed if you use *Internet Explorer 8 *because of a 32 KB
limitation. *Internet
Explorer 9* and more recent versions does not have the 32KB limitation.

3) J-ISIS Native 13 February 2013 -- Screen Shots from example
document provides screen shots that can be followed by users that want to
try quickly J-ISIS. It can be downloaded from the following link:

As usual, I would be very grateful if you could take the time to try
J-ISIS. All your comments, suggestions, improvement requests and bug
descriptions are welcome. I would also appreciate if you could take the
time to try both releases (JavaFX & Native) and tell me which version is
the best according to your opinion.

With my best wishes,



Jean-Claude Dauphin

jc.dauphin at gmail.com
jc.dauphin at afus.unesco.org

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