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aldo eri gomez levi aldoeri at yahoo.com.mx
Sat Feb 16 19:26:48 CET 2013

jisis if yo see desktop pc will not be the same with windows 8 maybe they will disapire,  keyboard will also  touchscreen will be the new tecnology as new smartphones do with the touchscreen  maybe  jisis, ABCD , and future versions  of  isis need to migrate to that tecnology  new OS as android   and new bits aplications as 64, and 128 bits NEED TO BE MADE many people usa 64 bits computers and virtual teclology  dose not help so  much   may be in the future ther will be a perdsonal computer with android now tablets use android 4  maybe is much usefull to a librarian to have not a laptop , a tablet maybe  that yo can carry to anyware  think that please libraries in  3 world  buy any kind of computers  even if they are 64 bits who cares  the thing is to buy a pc or any technology that has internet as i will do, but the problem is that i cant use j -isis  and maybe ABCD  ALSO my best regards 
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