[Isis-users] Convert cd/isis database to marc

Nuno Meireles nuno.meireles at cm-penela.pt
Thu Apr 2 19:56:55 CEST 2015

i'm tryin to convert a database cds/isis to marc  and i made this:

mx ..\\base\biblio gizmo=g850ans iso=..\\isos\biblio.iso -all now


mx iso=..\\isos\biblio.iso gizmo=gansutf8 iso=..\\isos\biblio_utf8.iso 
-all now


mx iso=..\\isos\biblio_utf8.iso gizmo=gpbmrc outisotag1=915 
iso=marc=..\\isos\biblio_marc.iso -all now

the problem it´s the v200 fiel, i always get this in some records:

=200  1 $a<O >arcanjo negro$fAquilino Ribeiro

Inside the cd/isis database the fiel v200^a   its mpl,(v200^a)

How do i change this to export in form of mhl,(v200^a)???

he shoud look like this:
=200  1 $aO arcanjo negro$fAquilino Ribeiro


Nuno Meireles

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