[Isis-users] Global Change

fred train fred_train at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 5 17:36:50 CET 2017

Hello guru's

We have repeatable field called Keywords.
This field contains for historical reasons also coded location information.
A Keyword field could have entries like
Colored; upside; metal; painted; GLD; LIM; NLD; sale
The semicolons are added by the PFT. Each keyword has its own record.

We have created a new repeatable field called Locations. And the 
location entries from the keywords should be moved to the new Locations 
field and also translated into more readable strings.
The end-effect after the operation should look like:

Keyword: Colored; upside; metal; painted; sale
Locations: Gelderland(GLD); Limburg(LIM); Netherlands

The idea was to apply a global change for each of the keywords GLD, LIM 
and NLD.
I can modify the strings into their target strings (e.g. GLD becomes 
Gelderland) in the keywords.
But the Move option in Global change moves all entries of Keyword to 

Is there a solution for my problem?
In other words: Is it possible with Global Change or another option to 
move some entries from the source repeatable field to a target 
repeatable field?

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