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Albert LEMORT albert.lemort at hepl.be
Wed Dec 6 15:24:16 CET 2017

Hello Fred,

You could try using a reformatting FST.

If your Keyword field has tag 611 and a subfield ^a and you want to copy some fields to Locations with tag 620, then the following FST should work:

[cid:part1.BFBA7E8E.ED848F5A at hepl.be]

The data will be copied, not moved.


Le 05-12-17 à 17:36, fred train a écrit :
Hello guru's

We have repeatable field called Keywords.
This field contains for historical reasons also coded location information.
A Keyword field could have entries like
Colored; upside; metal; painted; GLD; LIM; NLD; sale
The semicolons are added by the PFT. Each keyword has its own record.

We have created a new repeatable field called Locations. And the location entries from the keywords should be moved to the new Locations field and also translated into more readable strings.
The end-effect after the operation should look like:

Keyword: Colored; upside; metal; painted; sale
Locations: Gelderland(GLD); Limburg(LIM); Netherlands

The idea was to apply a global change for each of the keywords GLD, LIM and NLD.
I can modify the strings into their target strings (e.g. GLD becomes Gelderland) in the keywords.
But the Move option in Global change moves all entries of Keyword to Locations.

Is there a solution for my problem?
In other words: Is it possible with Global Change or another option to move some entries from the source repeatable field to a target repeatable field?

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