[Isis-users] Winisis to ABCD

Piet De Keyser piet.dekeyser at ucll.be
Wed Dec 20 22:23:25 CET 2017

Dear Jacinto,

It all depends om what you want and what kind of database you have:

(1) Do you want to keep the samen structure of your Winisis database, or do you want to migrate to something else (e.g. the MARC structure);

(2) Do you want to put your database on the Web after the migration?

(3) Is it something like a library catalogue which contains also data of each copy - and is it your aim to do e.g. loans of books? Is the data of the copies in the same database, or in another related database? If so, how is that structured?


ABCD has an option to create an ABCD database from a Winisis database but there might be a bit more to it than just clicking that option.

Piet de Keyser


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Onderwerp: [Isis-users] Winisis to ABCD

Dear All,

I would like to know if someone could send instructions step by step ow to migrate from a winisis database to a ABCD.

Best regards,
Jacinto Moura
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