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Moi je n'ai pas utilisé Secs-Web donc je ne peux pas me prononcer sur le sujet. Par contre en ce qui concerne le 32 bits il est difficile d'avancer quelque chose car dans nos pays le micro-ordinateur peut faire 10 ans avec toi. Aussi je pense qu'il faudra penser à ceux là. Moi je me suis tourné vers le 64 bits.

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Dear colleagues,

it has been a long while since I last communicated on the new versions of ABCD, largely compensated for however by Guilda making a lot of efforts last year, despite her difficult situation in a difficult country, working on ABCD 1.5.1, which might be the last version released in the 1.x generation of ABCD. A long list of very useful new features (e-mail reminders, barcode configuration and printing, new parameters in abcd.def and config_extended.php...) have been added so the software development certainly has not been stalled.

>From my side I have been busy - and still will be busy for a while - in developing version 2.0 while as from tomorrow a more intensive effort will be done working (with 2 Cuban visitors) on ABCD 3.0 (based on J-ISIS). I failed to have it ready as hoped for as a New Year present to the community, apologies requested. But some of the new features have been tested largely and for quite some time now in partial 2.0 installations in real libraries, so that was useful anyway.
On ABCD 2.0 I would like to mention the following issues :
- the main new features are resp. :
   * Unicode for the interface(with e.g. Amharic and Sinhalese interfaces in the process of creation, Arabic also being considered) but also for contents indexing and searching of non-Latin alphabets;
   * full-text databases with not only links but also full-text indexing and pre-view, with both batch- and interactive creation of collections, kind of a mix of dSpace and Greenstone;
   * new module : Online Document Delivery System (ODDS), accessible from ABCD Site
   * mySite (status consultation for library-users) accessible from ABCD Site for both standard and EmpWeb circulation systems.
- a lot of efforts already have been made to remain fully 1.5.1 compatible
- we plan to only provide 64-bits packages for Windows and Linux, no longer 32-bits (however running in 32-bits would still be possible but require e.g. different libraries for php_yaz and in Linux for the CISIS-utilities used)
- we plan to no longer provide Apache and PHP in the Windows package but rather rely on installers like wamp and xamp; both need only a small ABCD-virtualhost file to be copied from the ABCD-installation package into w/xamp and allow more flexibility re new versions of PHP and Apache-service management.
- we want to have ABCD2.0 fully compatible with PHP7 since support for PHP5.x (currently 5.6) is announced to be terminated and considerable performance gains are reported with PHP7; we still have problems with Secs-Web however running in PHP7 (as it uses several external libraries which needed to be upgraded : smarty, yui...) and this has delayed once again the planned final release of ABCD 2.0. Our concern here is : who actually uses Secs-Web and how bad would it be to release ABCD 2.0 without a working Secs-Web module ? It should of course still work with PHP5.6 since nothing has changed there and it worked well.
So I invite all of you to react on the question 'who needs still 32-bits ?', 'who uses Secs-Web' and how urgent is a PHP7-compatible version ?

About ABCD 3.0 I have to be brief : the Cuban team working on it has started testing it in Cuban universities but refrained from making it available to testers outside their own controlled context, including me. In one month from now I will need to decide, based on the progress during the working-sessions of the Cubans with me until then, on whether or not the idea of a real FOSS ABCD3.0 fully benefiting from the (CDS/)ISIS philosophy and technology is still on.
ABCD 3.0 should - since it uses J-ISIS and the new underlying technology of Berkeley DB and Lucene with Java - contain all ABCD 2.0 features and capabilities (e.g. full-text and Unicode). Database definitions and management will be used from the already excellent tools on these in  J-ISIS (which by the way comes already with its own WWW-interface in addition to its rich desktop client), so ABCD 3.0 will focus more on the specific library management features.

Wishing you all a nice - or better at least - new year 2017.

Egbert de Smet
Universiteit Antwerpen
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