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I am trying to cluster the records into one. Suppose the catalog has 3 books by the same author and with the same title, but they are:

-        1ste impression

-        2nd extended impression

-        3rd reviewed impression

In your case it the pft would display all three and each time say something like "there are 3 versions of this book in the catalog"; I want to display only the first one and then say: "there are 2 other versions of this book".


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how is this different from what we already do in the RDA database : use the npost() funciton to get the number of postings of that author-name and print it in the PFT ?
I quote the related part of the PFT :
if p(v100) then '<tr><td colspan="2">AUTHOR: </td><td colspan="3" id="v100">',if npost(['rda'],'AU_'v100^a)>1 then (v100^a,'<a href="/cgi-bin/ansi/wxis/iah/scripts/?IsisScript=iah.xis&lang=en&base=RDA&nextAction=lnk&exprSearch=',s(mpu,v100^a,mpl),'&indexSearch=AU" target=new>',' (',f(npost(['rda'],'AU_'v100^a),1,0),' works from same author in our calatog)</a><br>') else | |v100, if iocc<>nocc(v100) then '<br>' fi/, fi,'</td></tr>' fi/

Maybe I don't understand your question/problem and it simply needs clarified.

Egbert de Smet
Universiteit Antwerpen
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Does anybody know how to do this:

- suppose your database contains 3 x the same name of e.g. an author

- the index will have 3 postings like this

        AU_Jones, Ann

- I want to say in the pft: if this is the case, then take only the first one and display the title etc. etc.

- remark that the 3 records are not necessary doubles: it could be 3 different publications by the same author

Piet de Keyser

UC Leuven-Limburg

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