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I am afraid the data-entry script at this moment always will put the first column of a picklist in subfield a and the second column in subfield b. See e.g. the picklist for 'user type' in the demo users-database.

But there is a solution. In fact with 130 options I would suggest it anyway : use an authority database instead of a picklist. In this case you have to put the value of your 1st column in v1 and the column 2 code in v2. Then you can use 'list as' and 'extract as' in the FDT to define the picklist behavior : list as becomes 'v2' and extract as 'v1'.
With mx you can even convert the existing text-file which serves as your picklist to such database in one run :
mx seq=picklist.txt  create=picklist now -all
supposing your picklist-file is named 'picklist.txt' and your picklist-database is also named 'picklist' - so change whatever you need to.
Then in your FDT use a database as picklist-type and put the 'list as' and 'extract as' values.

If you want to stick to the text-based picklist type, you just have to accept the two forced subfields, deal with the existing tricks to manage repeatable subfields and use the PFT-techniques to show/extract what you need. I think the database-approach is more practical.

I hope this helps.

Egbert de Smet
Universiteit Antwerpen
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What is your extraction fromat fort his picklist?


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Necesito usar una picklist con 130 opciones (filas) para un campo que contiene 7 subcampos, abcdklm.
En Winisis hacía esto colocando en 1 linea el texto que el operador vería y en la 2ª línea el string completo con los 7 subcampos.
En el registro quedaba el string completo.

Traté de convertir esto al formato usado por ABCD, de la siguiente forma:

^aTextoA ^bTextoB ^cTextoC ^dTextoD ^kTextoK ^lTextoL ^mTextoM | Texto para visualizar    (todo sin espacios, solo los puse para facilitar lectura)

entendiendo que el string "^a........^m..." correspondería a la columna 'Código' y el "Texto para visualizar" correspondería al 'Término' en la tabla de la picklist.

En el editor de picklists estas dos columnas aparecen correctamente, pero en el registro queda grabado como:

^a ^aTextoA..............................................^mTextoM ^b Texto para visualizar

Alguna manera de corregir esto, o una solución diferente?

Declaré el campo como Campo con los 7 subcampos, porque en la FST y en las PFTs necesito visualizar los subcampos por separado, pero para el ingreso de datos interesa ingresar los 7 subcampos como un solo string.

Declarando el campo como Grupo, la ventanilla de selección no aparecía.

Dear friends:

I need to use a picklist with 130 options (rows) for a field with 7 subfields.

In Winisis I did this with a list where the first row contained the text the operator would see when picking, and the next row contained the complete string with the 7 subfields.

I tried to convert this to the picklist table format ABCD uses, like follows:

^aTextoA ^bTextoB ^cTextoC ^dTextoD ^kTextoK ^lTextoL ^mTextoM | Text to view  (without spaces between subfields and pipe)

as I understood the text string with the subfields would correspond to the 'Code' column and the "Text to view" would be the 'Term' column.

In the picklist editor everything looks fine, but when I select one item it turns up on the field as

^a ^aTextoA..............................................^mTextoM ^b Text to view.

Is there a way to correct this, or a different solution for this case?

I declared the field as a Field type, with the 7 subfields, because in the FST and PFTs I need to be able to handle the subfields independently, but for dataentry it is best to enter the complete string ^a.........^m in one go.

When I declared the field as a Group, the picklist window didn´t come up.



Wenke Adam
Asesora Sistemas de Doc & Inf
Cel: +56-9-890 21 630
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