[Isis-users] Ancient ISIS version

Peter Danes pdanes at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 31 22:04:19 CEST 2017

I have been asked to dig data out of an old version of an ISIS database. The .ZIP file has over 400 files in more than a dozen folders and subfolders, ranging in age from 2008 back to the 1980s. I have never used ISIS, and the last person in this institution known to have done so has died. I unzipped everything and managed to get the ISIS.exe file to run, but it either does (apparently) nothing, or tosses an error message about being unable to find a file in ISISUC.TAB
I have no idea what the application is supposed to do, how it is supposed to respond, what it expects, or really anything. Can anyone point me to some information, or a knowledgeable person? The data is supposedly a fair amount of documentary library work by the last person to use it. Why it has sat for so long before anyone showed an interest is an obvious question, but not one that is likely to recieve a satisfactory answer. This is a museum, and not all the fossils are in exhibition cases.
I can send the entire package, if that would help anyone who would like to take a look at it. It's 32.6 MB zipped, and contains no proprietary information.
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