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did you check the problem notified in the error, i.e. that in your 'catalog'-database the field with the control-number (often this is v1) indeed is indexed with the CN_ prefix ? Something like this :
1 0 "CN_"v1
like e.g. also found at the first line of the marc.fst - so you can copy this line.
Then re-index your database and check whether the same error is still there.

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I started a project dubbed Library and information science media Library project meant to manage my collection of books using ABCD. The aim of the project is to help me gain practical knowledge of managing library functions in an automated environment. (ABCD being the perfect ILS).

I created a database that is meant to be circulated (I linked it with loans) and Copies (objects) in the database must be purchased (I had to configure the database for acquisitions).

I also configured the database in iAH for it to be searched in the OPAC.

I was success in configuring the database for loans. I also managed to configure the database in iAH. I am able to purchase items (fictitious orders of course from bookfi). However when receiving items in acquisitions module after I successfully created an object (adding copies to my database), there is this error

"Missing tag for storing the control number. Please, include it in the FST with the prefix.”

What Should I do???

The following pics are steps I took from the moment an item was suggested (in acquisitions module) to be added to the database (collection) until it was searched in the OPAC

By the way I avoided using the default database MARC (which is fully configured) because I wanted a database that suits my needs.

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