[Isis-users] ABCD 1.5.1 - Não salva registros - Did not save records

De Smet Egbert egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be
Wed Apr 4 21:13:45 CEST 2018


there can be several reasons why records no longer are saved into your database, independently from the ABCD version : 
- corrupt database
- locked records in the database (the IF can no longer be updated, remember records are automatically indexed when saved)
- error in the FST : has there been any change in the FST ?
- database locked or no longer writeable (mostly in Linux).

There are some ways of testing it, e.g. the utility 'locked records' in the Central toolbar utilities menu, testing your database with mx in the terminal (e.g. create a full copy of your database with parameter tell=1 will tell you if there are any corrupt records and if so, which one (the next one to the last one processed successfully) etc.

We can help you in more detail if so desired but then we need to work on the details.
Are the fields 005 and 008 actually updated with a new occurrence on the correct date ? In that case the record is written down again but still something else prevents the other fields to be re-written. That would be a peculiar situation.

Egbert de Smet
Universiteit Antwerpen
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(See in Inglish below)

Tenho um problema com ABCD 1.5.1 para o qual não encontro o motivo: Registros são criados de forma distribuido, posteriormente estes registros são revisados e complementados com dados adicionais. Após salvar normalmente os registros editados, na verdade não são atualizados e salvos. Os campos 008 (data e hora de criação), campo 005 ( data e hora da última atualização) indicam a mesma data e hora e os dados acrescentados não estão lá.
Pergunto se alguém já teve teve este problema e como resolveu o mesmo?
Desde já agradeço,
I have a problem with ABCD 1.5.1 for which I can not find the reason: Records are created in a distributed way, later these records are reviewed and supplemented with additional data. After saving the edited records normally, they are not actually updated and saved. Field 008 (date and time created) and field 005 (last updated date and time) indicate the same date and time, and the adde ddata  are not there.
I wonder if anyone had ever had this problem and how did fixe it?
Thank you very much in advance

Edwin Hübner

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