[Isis-users] basic loan without copies database

Piet De Keyser piet.dekeyser at ucll.be
Thu Nov 15 22:46:19 CET 2018

Dear colleagues,

I am setting up a loan with the basic loan for a database without the copies database. I have some problems with it:

(1)   When I do a loan, the result is: “This copy does not exist in the loan objects database”, which is obvious because I am not using it… The copy information is simply in the bibliographic database, and noting is stored. Normally the system should add a prefix in order to the data and search the bibliographic database in order to find the record etc. This prefix defined in loans_conf.tab, but it looks like this is not executed.

(2)   When I click on “list” next to the “Accession number” box the full index is displayed, containing the prefixes, e.g. BC_H14/3105 etc. instead of simply H14/3105. This is not the case when you use the copies and loanobject database. Normally only the accession numbers should be displayed without the prefixes, and not the full index with prefixes. So, something must be wrong too.

Any suggestions?

Piet de Keyser

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