[Isis-users] Larger database in ABCD

Lic. Alberto Alejandro Rosenberg alkatz at mecon.gov.ar
Wed Jul 10 12:46:57 CEST 2019

Estimado Eustache: yo utilizo en una base con ABCD 2.0f, las CISIS 
BigISIS, para eso en la carpeta de la base de datos, tengo un archivo 
llamado "dr_path.def" y dentro el siguiente parámetro:


Con esto ABCD trabajar para esa base con esa versión de CISIS.
ver: https://imsva91-ctp.trendmicro.com:443/wis/clicktime/v1/query?url=http%3a%2f%2fabcdwiki.net%2fwiki%2fes%2findex.php%3ftitle%3dDr%5fpath.def&umid=74941AFA-8D51-6505-A907-D8C366DB070E&auth=d8b56f5c97e5a7a4e09c3752ac13cc25d9c36f88-921abc0aa390bfe6a8dbd96490de36f536323cda

Espero que sea de ayuda
Alberto A. Rosenberg

Dear Eustache: I use in a database with ABCD 2.0f, the CISIS BigISIS, 
for that in the folder of the database, I have a file called 
"dr_path.def" and in the following parameter:


With this ABCD work for that base with that version of CISIS.
see: https://imsva91-ctp.trendmicro.com:443/wis/clicktime/v1/query?url=http%3a%2f%2fabcdwiki.net%2fwiki%2fes%2findex.php%3ftitle%3dDr%5fpath.def&umid=74941AFA-8D51-6505-A907-D8C366DB070E&auth=d8b56f5c97e5a7a4e09c3752ac13cc25d9c36f88-921abc0aa390bfe6a8dbd96490de36f536323cda

I hope it helps
Alberto A. Rosenberg

El 10/07/2019 a las 3:56, Eustache Mêgnigbêto escribió:
> Dear Egbert,
> I downloaded some data from the web and converted them to a text 
> delimited format, then I used the id2i utility to convert to a ISIS 
> database. However, I noticed that the data were too large to be 
> handled with the standard CISIS utilities. So I used the FFI version 
> of id2i to convert and mx to read, etc.
> Now, I would like to know how to manage such a database with ABCD 
> since the standard ABCD could not do and since in the ABCD 2.0f 
> version, the subfolder FFI in the cgi-bin sub folder contains the 
> necessary files ? In other words, what changes should I do in the 
> cgi-bin folder to be able to operate the database with ABCD ?
> Many thank in advance.
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