[Isis-users] database AV materials

Piet De Keyser piet.dekeyser at ucll.be
Wed Jul 10 14:21:46 CEST 2019

Dear colleagues,

I have made this database:


It contains a description of our audio-visual materials. The purpose is:

(1) doing loans based on that database (with the simple loan module)
(2) presenting an overview of the materials to our students and staff (hence the pictures)

The database structure is very simple and the database only contains about 65 records, but each one can have up to 50 or more items. These items are stored in one of its fields; the loan is "without copies". So the copies and items databases are not used.

The iaH interface contains a button "More details": on clicking it you get an overview of the items (which links to the loans - although its does not contain loans at this very moment due to the hollidays over here). When you click it again the items overview is undone. This feature normally is not in the iaH interface (to realize this - and other things in constructing the database -  I have got some help from Egbert, for which many I am very grateful).

Piet de Keyser
UC Leuven-Limburg

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