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Secs-Web of late (in my efforts to update ABCD for PHP7.x) has been a - excuse the language - 'pain in the ass' and proves to be the most difficult module for maintenance, since also it is based on several external 'libraries' (sets of scripts acting as plugins) like yui and smarty, for which we don't have any impact on their maintenance and updates.

Right now, in the new distributions of ABCD2.0f, we solved that problem of only saving in the 'main' catalogue, but a new problem - hopefully of less impact - popped up since we had to re-write the whole process of creating, editing and deleting records. Mainly the part on the 'issues' (facic) is problematic : the sequence of the 'issues' no longer is correct. It is extremely difficult to debug such things since indeed 1) no technical reference manual is available about Secs-Web and 2) even the users-manual, as you found out, is quite incomplete and out-dated.

Again (as I have been complaining about it a lot, but I have to right to do so since the Flemish Universities - VLIR-UOS - paid for the ABCD development a lot of money to them in my project DOCBIBLAS) BIREME as the developer of ABCD has failed to deliver in this.

In fact I am quite pessimistic about the possibility to get Secs-Web fully updated for PHP7.x , unless we find more experts in PHP-programming to work on it. Until now we found very few libraries actually using it, also making it doubtful whether such extra efforts are justified. With just some very few people with quite a lot of goodwill in the ABCD-community being available, I am afraid we won't succeed, this time we will need real financial support if there is sufficient interest.

Egbert de Smet
Universiteit Antwerpen

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Who has a complete manual of Secs-web? The manual you can find is the one of 2009, in which a few essential pages are not filled in. I was trying this module but could not figure out how to add a title to a certain database. It always saved the record in Titles Plus, but then the new title is not thereā€¦

Piet de Keyser


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