[Isis-users] Search error

Francisco Tamor fttamor at yahoo.com
Fri May 17 18:37:26 CEST 2019

Here is my FST:
22 0 mhl,v22 41 0 mpu, (|LN_|v41|%|/) 41 0 mhl, (v41|%|/) 100 0 mpu,(|AU_|v100/) 100 5 '/AU_/', (v100/), (v700/)100 8 '/AU_/', (v100/), (v700/)100 4 mpu, v100 245 4 mpu,(v245|%|/)/(v773|%|/) 245 8 mpu,'|KW_|',(v245|%|/)/(v773|%|/) 245 8 mpu,'|TX_|',(v245/)/(v773/) 245 0 mpu,(|TI_|v245|%|/)/ 245 4 mhl, v245/310 0 mpu, (|FQ_|v310|%|/) 650 1 mpu,(v650*4|%|/) 650 4 mpu,(v650*4|%|/) 650 4 mpu, (v650|%|/) 520 4 mpu,(v520*4|%|/) 650 0 mpu, (|SU_|v650|%|/) 650 1 mpu,(v650*4|%|/) 650 4 mpu,(v650*4|%|/) 650 5 mdu,'/SU_/' (v650*4|%|/)650 5 '/SU_/', (v650/)650 8 '/SU_/', (v650/)773 0 mpu,(|TI_|v773/)/ 
773 4 mpu, v773 852 0 mpu, (|AC_|v852|%|/) 998 8 mpu,'|KW_|'(v100|%|/) 998 8 mpu,'|KW_|'(v650|%|/) 998 8 mpu,'|KW_|'(v700|%|/) 998 8 mpu,'|KW_|'(v520|%|/) 998 8 mpu,'|KW_|'(v245|%|/) 998 8 mpu,'|KW_|'(v773|%|/) 997 8 mpu, '|SU_|'(v650|%|/)998 8 mdu,'/KW_/' (v650*4|%|/), 999 0 mpu, v100 999 8 mpu, '|AU_|'(v100|%|/)999 8 mpu, '|AU_|'(v700|%|/)999 0 mpu, (v700|%|/) 

    On Friday, 17 May 2019, 3:24:05 pm GMT+8, Piet De Keyser <piet.dekeyser at ucll.be> wrote:  
 #yiv5487707908 #yiv5487707908 -- P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}#yiv5487707908 

Maybe there is an error in your FST. Can you send it to the list so that we can study it?

Piet de KeyserBelgium
Van: isis-users <isis-users-bounces+piet.dekeyser=ucll.be at iccisis.org> namens Francisco Tamor <fttamor at yahoo.com>
Verzonden: vrijdag 17 mei 2019 0:46:56
Aan: Isis-users; De Smet Egbert
Onderwerp: Re: [Isis-users] Search error Actually, my database was running fine until I adopted the rda_opac.pft with hyperlinks to the author. Also, the Inverted File Generation (WXIS) won't work after doing the said pft. The error message is;
WXIS|execution error|extract|| 
Full invertion: article WXIS|execution error|extract||  
I am testing it in a localhost environment.

On Friday, 17 May 2019, 4:40:49 am GMT+8, De Smet Egbert <egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be> wrote:

#yiv5487707908 #yiv5487707908 --#yiv5487707908x_yiv6754347625 #yiv5487707908x_yiv6754347625 -- p {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}#yiv5487707908 
This error means that it cannot find the Inverted File of the article database.

Maybe this database is referred to via a REF(L)) function in the PFT ? If so, make sure the .par file of your database has the article.* files referred to with their physical location.

I make this analysis because normally if a database is to be opened, the first file is the .xrf, while here the first file missing is reported as .cnt, so the database is accessed via its Inverted File (index), which is typically the case with REF(L)).

Otherwise give more details please.

Egbert de Smet
Universiteit Antwerpen

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Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2019 6:56 PM
To: Isis-users
Subject: [Isis-users] Search error Dear Colleagues;
I have this error message when trying to search in iah:
WXIS|fatal error|unavoidable|dbxopen: article.cnt (2)| 

I need help to resolve this  problem.
Thank you.
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