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Piet De Keyser piet.dekeyser at ucll.be
Mon Sep 30 23:04:43 CEST 2019

Hi Francisco,

What happens when you change your condition >1 for v650 to the same as for v100, i.e. >=2  ?

Piet de Keyser

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Onderwerp: [Isis-users] HREF-LINK in PFT


I used the href-link with a full wxis-IsisScript list of parameters in my display format. This works fine with the Author field but nothing happens when used in the Subject field. Below is my sample PFT and FST.

Is there something missing in my format?

Thanks and regards,



'<table border=0 width=800px>'
if p(v100) then '<tr><td width=20% valign=top align=right><font face=arial size=2 color="#000080"><b>Author ME :</b></td><td valign=top id="v100"><font face=arial size=2>',if npost(['article'],'AU_'v100)>=2 then (v100,'<a href="/cgi-bin/wxis.exe/iah/scripts/?IsisScript=iah.xis&lang=en&base=article&nextAction=lnk&exprSearch=',s(mpu,v100,mpl),'&indexSearch=AU" target=new>','(',f(npost(['article'],'AU_'v100),1,0),' related works)</a><br>') else | |v100, if iocc<>nocc(v100) then '<br>' fi/, fi,'</td></tr>' fi/

if p(v700) then '<tr><td width=20% valign=top align=right><font face=arial size=2 color="#000080"><b>Author(s) AE :</b></td><td valign=top id="v700"><font face=arial size=2>'if npost(['article'],'AU_'v700)>2 then (v700,'<a href="/cgi-bin/wxis.exe/iah/scripts/?IsisScript=iah.xis&lang=en&base=article&nextAction=lnk&exprSearch=',s(mpu,v700,mpl),'&indexSearch=AU" target=new>','(',f(npost(['article'],'AU_'v700),1,0),' related works)</a><br>') else |<br>|+v700, if iocc<>nocc(v700) then '<br>' fi/, fi,'</td></tr>' fi/

if p(v650) then '<tr><td width=20% valign=top align=right><font face=arial size=2 color="#000080"><b>Subject(s) :</b></td><td valign=top id="v650"><font face=arial size=2>'if npost(['article'],'SU_'v650)>1 then (v650,'<a href="/cgi-bin/wxis.exe/iah/scripts/?IsisScript=iah.xis&lang=en&base=article&nextAction=lnk&exprSearch=',s(mpu,v650,mpl),'&indexSearch=SU" target=new>','(',f(npost(['article'],'SU_'v650),1,0),' similar subject heading)</a><br>') else |<br>|+v650, if iocc<>nocc(v650) then '<br>' fi/, fi,'</td></tr>' fi/


100 4 mpu, v100
100 4 mpu, (v700/)
100 0 mpu, 'AU_',v100
100 0 mpu, (|AU_|,v700|%|/)
245 4 mpu,(v245|%|/)/(v773|%|/)
245 8 mpu,'|KW_|',(v245|%|/)/(v773|%|/)
245 8 mpu,'|TX_|',(v245/)/(v773/)
245 0 mpu,(|TI_|v245|%|/)/
245 4 mhl, v245
650 4 mpu, (v650|%|/)
650 0 mpu, (|SU_|,v650|%|/)
852 0 mpu, (|AC_|v852|%|/)
998 8 mpu,'|KW_|'(v100|%|/)
998 8 mpu,'|KW_|'(v650|%|/)
998 8 mpu,'|KW_|'(v700|%|/)
998 8 mpu,'|KW_|'(v245|%|/)
999 0 mpu, v100

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