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Egbert De Smet egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be
Fri May 22 20:28:16 CEST 2020

Issues 2 and 3 are exactly what we have been focusing on for quite some time now in developing version 2.2 since we know that it is not perfectly smooth yet. Mixing ANSI and UTF8 (unicode) databases in one system is highly ambitious anyway, in fact a rather unique endeavor. Main reason is the observation that most users currently only use ANSI (the 'old' default) but hopefully new users will use Unicode. It would have been much easier to force everybody to Unicode/UTF8, so maybe we have too much respect for the old users-community ?

The logic is this :

- abcd.def defines the default setting : unicode or ansi

- if a database diverts from this, put the parameter (UNICODE=1) in its own dr_path.def file (same reasoning for the version of CISIS, e.g. 1660 or bigisis).

For issue 3, which relates to the display charset, in 2.2 a new variable '$charset' is introduced but in the end there will always remain display errors, e.g. when a Unicode catalog is combined with a ANSI loanobjects on the same page displayed. Again there would be one real solution : get rid of ANSI. But most people west of Eastern Europe will resent this option.

Also Apache has its own charset parameter, not only the browser and PHP, so you always end up with a potential mess of settings...

Egbert de Smet
Universiteit Antwerpen

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Thank you Egbert. What about other issues? numbered 2 and 3? Is there a better solution?

Edwin Hübner

Em sex., 22 de mai. de 2020 às 15:08, Egbert De Smet <egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be<mailto:egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be>> escreveu:


what we have now in the working version of config.php is this :

if ( isset($_SESSION["db_path"]) and  $_SESSION["db_path"]!="")

So that is basically the same idea. Anyway if it works with your version it is o.k.

Egbert de Smet
Universiteit Antwerpen

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I still have problems with ABCD 2.0f.
1. it did not recognize the option of defining more than one database folder. For example, if I have the following in dbpath.dat:
 and selecting the first option (IBJB) on the login screen, it prsents the databases of the /bases folder (default) on the data entry screen. I was able to solve this by adding the following lines to config.php:
if (isset($_SESSION["DATABASE_DIR"])) {
if (!file_exists($db_path."abcd.def")){
echo "Missing  abcd.def in the database folder"; die;
$def = parse_ini_file($db_path."abcd.def");

Is that ok?

2. Having set the parameters UNICODE=0, MXPATH=/ABCD/www/cgi-bin/ and encoding=ansi, it gives an error when opening a database, presenting the line: CISIS version:<https://eur01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2F127.0.0.1%3A9090%2Fcgi-bin%2Futf8%2Fwxis.exe&data=02%7C01%7Cegbert.desmet%40uantwerpen.be%7C2fa9ff8002724bb11dfa08d7fe7c9c61%7C792e08fb2d544a8eaf72202548136ef6%7C0%7C0%7C637257683465337142&sdata=gbmiPQe%2FyhR1ycA2%2BjNcTzgrgyc5I2CaLpcESrmKaIM%3D&reserved=0>, that is, trying to use
wxis from the .../utf8 folder.
I solved it copying wxis from the  .../cgi-bin folder to .../cgi-bin/utf8/

but how to solve this?

3. Diacritics for ansi, I got it only by Renate's suggestion, forcing
in config.php.

Edwin Hübner
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