[Isis-users] ABCD-OPAC - alphabetic indexes

Renate Morgenstern rmorgenstern at iway.na
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No, I the new OPAC. 

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Am 29. Apr. 2021, 10:43, um 10:43, Piet De Keyser <piet.dekeyser at ucll.be> schrieb:
>Hi Renate,
>I suppose you are using iaH as OPAC? If so, pease send us your DEF
>file. I have seen this many times; it is usually a small issue in the
>Piet de Keyser
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>Onderwerp: [Isis-users] ABCD-OPAC - alphabetic indexes
>For a database I am using the following line in the FST to show the
>language in full instead of the code:
>select v101^a case 'eng': ,'LA_English'/, case 'ger': ,'LA_German'/,
>case 'afr': ,'LA_Afrikaans'/, case 'fre': , 'LA_French'/, case 'por': ,
>'LA_Portuguese'/, case 'her': , 'LA_Otjiherero'/, case 'itl': ,
>'LA_Italian'/, case 'lat': , 'LA_Latin'/ case 'ndo': , 'LA_Ndonga'/,
>case 'kwa':, 'LA_Kwangali'/, case 'ruk': , 'LA_Rukangwali'/ elsecase
>'LA_OTHER'/, endsel
>This works fine in ABCD Central, but in the alphabetic indexes of the
>OPAC only the code is displayed. In the configuration I used the prefix
>See screenshots:
>Is it possible to get it working?
>[cid:7beaded554a41155317ea63ac1ce5bf229ae01b6.camel at iway.na]
>[cid:d1436c8b8e2e625889741f08cf37afceadb73ed7.camel at iway.na]
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