[Isis-users] Questions about the tbBase.tab files.

Roger Guilherme memoria.info at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 03:54:16 CEST 2021

Dear Colleagues

I am doing some research on the use of tbBase.tab files because of an
implementation I am planning to do.

Originally, the tbBase.tab files come with the fields v1102, v1001, v1002.

These fields help the execution of browser.php, for example by displaying
the following information:
- 1001=Isis_Current
- 1002=Isis_Total
- 1102=Isis_Status

And they are present in the databases that are managed by browser.php
- acces
- copies
- providers
- purchaseorder
- reserve
- suggestions
- suspml
- trans
- users
- servers

So I ask you:
- In addition to the standard function (browser display), do you guys use
these v1102, v1001, v1002 fields in these bases for another need?

- If the total records, status and current record information were
displayed via Wxis, would they still be needed in the PFT files?


*Roger C. Guilherme*Librarian CRB10/1860
Fone: +55 53 91263392
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