[Isis-users] Problem in log in to ABCD on Linux

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Dear Egbert,

Recently, I posted some messages on this list asking for help in installing abcd both on Linux and  on Windows.
I would like to let you know that I succeeded and all the installation are working now.
The problem on Linuw was due to the fact that the computer specialist working with me for the configuration  uncommented some line in the vhost file; he said "to prevent security risks".


  1.  I would like to inform that I encountered a problem during the installation process in both platforms : after copying the folders to the server and declaring the vhost file, the re-starting of the web server failed. I could find that it was due to the vhost file, so I commented all lines within this file; and the server restarted. Then I began uncommented each line, and restarting the server alternatively. And the server started when I left the comment sign for line 64; same for 65. I found that the logs directory does not exit, that prevented the server from starting. Based on my previous windows experience of ABCD, I then changed these lines as follows and created the htdocs/logs directory ;
   CustomLog ${ABCD_ROOT}/htdocs/logs/access_${ABCD_PORT}.log combined
    ErrorLog  ${ABCD_ROOT}/htdocs/logs/error_${ABCD_PORT}.log

  1.  The user administration database in French language  is outdated. It has not the same field definition as the one of the ES langauge and signaled error while creatring and updatinf date. So I did use the ES one
It could help other persons.


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Dear Egbert,

I thought that the database for authentication was not read So I checked the content of the bases directory and found that there was not enough directories as in windows In conclusion, I worked with an incomplete set of files

That is probably the cause of the situation I resumed the download process in order to re-install



Eustache  Mêgnigbêto

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Dear Egbert,

I am now installing ABCD2 (downloaded from Github) on a linux server.

After having done the configuration, I called abcd from the browser, the authentication from the first page failed; an "unauthorized user" message was sent as given in the image below.  What (probably) I did wrongly during the configuration ?

Many thanks ?

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