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Francisco Tamor fttamor at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 30 07:53:07 CEST 2022

Dear Colleagues;
I was trying to do a work around with the pdf viewer that would display the pdf file without the download capabilities. I was able to do it with the use of post-submit method incorporated in the opac.pft and calling/loading the viewer.php. However, I've noticed that all results would display the pdf with ease but the first record would not display the file(no reaction at all). 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
===============** VIEWER.PHP **
<body onload="disableContextMenu();" oncontextmenu="return false">    <div class="wrapper"> <div id="result"></div>        <!--<embed id="pdfframe" src="/bases/theses/pdf/UT_32.pdf#toolbar=0" width="100%" height="2000px" ></embed>--> <iframe onload="myFunction()" id="pdfframe" src=<?php echo $_POST["pdf"].'#toolbar=0';?>  width="100%" height="800px"></iframe>  <!--<embed></embed>-->        <div class="embed-cover"></div>    </div> </body></html>
============================================** OPAC PFT **
if nocc(v990)=1 then '<form action="/viewer.php" method="POST" target="_blank"><font face=arial size=2 color="#000080"><b><input type="text" name="pdf" value="/bases/article/'v990'" style="display:none";></b><font face=arial size=2 align="left"><b>  PDF File :  </b><input type="submit" value="View PDF"></form>' fi, '<br><br>'

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