[Isis-users] About the new ABCD Forum

Roger Guilherme memoria.info at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 12:45:53 CET 2023

My dear colleagues,

I see with great enthusiasm the participation of many who are present here.
As the system is new, I'm also learning to use it, so here's a tip:

To follow a forum, even if you haven't posted anything in it, you can
subscribe to it by clicking the button in the image below.

[image: image.png]

The forum, unlike the list, will not send all communications to everyone.
It will passively serve as a query, but it will only message the thread's
author, so if anyone wants to keep track of everything, just subscribe to
each forum.

Best regards,

*Roger C. Guilherme*
ABCD Community | Systems Librarian
Telegram/Whastapp: +5551992380849 - Brazil

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