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Piet De Keyser piet.dekeyser at ucll.be
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It depends on what you mean by “offline”.

  *   Years ago I used Alma by Ex Libris: when the server was unavailable, we went “offline”, i.e. we had a client on our PC and could do loans on that client. When the server went online again, all loans were updated from our PC onto the server. This is not possible in ABCD.
  *   If you mean “can I use ABCD” on my laptop: yes, the laptop will be your “localhost” server in ABCD. This is the situation Roger Guilherme already explained in his answer to you question.
  *   If you mean: “can I prepare all data offline on my PC and publish them afterwards on the server by uploading the database”: yes, that is possible. You just upload the database when you are ready using e.g. FTP.

Piet de Keyser

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Dear friends,

Is it possible to use ABCD in offline mode?

Thanks a lot.


Isabel Ayres
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