[Isis-users] ABCD Opac and PHP 8.2.9

Roger Guilherme memoria.info at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 06:56:42 CEST 2023

Hello, Leandro.

I'm going to answer you in English, but your name makes me think you're

Firstly, I'd like to comment on the PHP version in the title of your email.
We haven't extensively tested ABCD in versions higher than 8.2.4, so I
wouldn't recommend using it at the moment, especially in the OPAC version
which, from the name of the directory, seems to me to be the first version.

This version of opac with the folder called "opac_abcd" was developed many
years ago. Check https://demo.abcd-community.org/opac/ to see if the error
persists and, if so, let me know how to reproduce it so that I can correct

Best regards,

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