[Isis-users] ABCD - patch 1.2beta1 tests

Renate Morgenstern rmorgenstern at iway.na
Tue Jan 11 22:27:51 CET 2011

Hi Egbert,

Thanks for your report on the testing done.
I also did some testing, and more specifically on Z39.50. It is woking 
again, but unfortunately the conversion from for example MaRC 21 to own 
formats is still not working. It was working at some stage, as I had 
compiled a reformatting table. But now only fields with the same tag 
number between the 2 formats are copied.  Hope that this can be fixed 
for the release due end of Jan. 2011.
I also tried to edit the FDT and FST of databases using Google Chrome, 
but no success yet.  I had done some changes as advised by Guilda, and  
first it seemed to work, but the validation and testing of the database 
structure gave problems.


Renate Morgenstern
P O Box 30664, WIndhoek, Namibia
Tel/Fax: 242124
Email: rmorgenstern at iway.na


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