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National Zoological Collection Suriname Library nzcs_libr at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 17 20:02:50 CET 2012

Dear colleagues,

Another problem came with search at the public site:


Name database is NZTST
It searches on a term (word) but the small searching screen (with 

message: Wait, search sources NZTST) goes on searching and does not stop.
When I went to site administration (Administration: ABCD Portal) I tried some commands in the parameters of the meta search, but in the preview (the screen looks ok) the same problem exists, it keeps searching and that does not stop.
Here under are the fields of information source NZTST.Are the Meta search parameters right?
Thank you, with kind regards,
Mia QuikHead Library 
National Zoological Collection of Suriname (NZCS)Anton de Kom University of SurinameLeysweg, ParamariboSurinamenzcs_libr at hotmail.com

Components, Second Column:


Information sources:


Information sources list:







Image: [empty]


Link: http://localhost:9090/cgi-bin/wxis.exe/iah/scripts/?IsisScript=iah.xis&lang=en&base=nztst


Description and Portal Web Page: [empty]


Meta search:


Search link - fixed



Free search parameters:



Show result link -
fixed part:

http://localhost:9090/ cgi-bin/wxis.exe/iah/scripts/?IsisScript=iah.xis&base=NZTST&lang=en&nextAction=lnk


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