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spinaker spinaker at adinet.com.uy
Sat Sep 15 18:30:03 CEST 2012

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This message is to update you with the information about ABCD and 
obviously, calling again for volunteers to help with many different tasks.

Last week we were in Caracas working with Guilda and organizing the 
remaining tasks to release an updated ABCD.
As you may recall, last March we posted a request in this forum asking 
suggestions, opinions, comments, etc., about which things you considered 
that should be corrected, changed, or added to the current version. We 
received dozens of messages, wich compiled we used as input in the 
Antwerp meeting held in the week of May 23th.

In that meeting we identified that there were not many significant 
changes in programming and structure, but many dozens of small and 
simple cosmetic changes. The biggest problems were the migration of PHP 
5.2 to 5.3, problems that occurred with the newer versions of Mozilla 
and Chrome, and data entry simplification in MARC21.

With the approved workplan in Antwerp we have been working these months 
with the cooperation of some colleagues who generously offered their 
time. We also have to say that, unfortunately, of the many colleagues 
offered in June only a dozen people made the task that had been committed.

For the initial release, in 2009, we have over 50 people working 
together somehow. This year we had just a dozen volunteers, so we have 
not advanced as quickly as we wished. It's a bit strange, because in 
2009 ABCD was only a promise, whereas now it is a reality and there are 
many institutions and colleagues who are using it, the enthusiasm for 
sharing efforts is less.

Well, let's open a new instance to cooperate, we need volunteers for 
three kind of tasks
a) try and translate the new FDT definition of MARC21
b) complete the translation of ABCD messaging (en, es, pt, fr)
c) Test the new version, review the online helps and make suggestions 
for updating

Tasks (a) and (b) can begin right now

Those interested to cooperate send me a private mail indicating what 
task you want to do, and experience with ABCD.
In 10 days we will begin with these activities.

We will have a first "packaging" for Windows and Linux test after 
completion of the tasks (a) and (b)
Then we'll turn to the task (c) and supposedly we'll release the next 
ABCD after that

Ernesto Spinak

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