[Isis-users] J-ISIS host kenai.com has closed

Jean-Claude Dauphin jc.dauphin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 29 11:11:39 CEST 2017

Dear CDS/ISIS Users,

Oracle has closed the J-ISIS host web site kenai.com as yesterday.

By the meantime, J-ISIS project has been moved to GitHub host.

Could you please change change your links to J-ISIS if any to:

https://github.com/J-ISIS <http://kenai.com/projects/j-isis/>

Thank you in advance and best wishes,


PS) A new release of J-ISIS will be available hopefully end of next month.
It will include: 1) new paging mechanism for browsing the dictionary terms
and database records; 2) saving on external file of the number of indexed
terms, thus avoiding the time consuming computing when you open a database;
3) Bug fixes and other improvements
Jean-Claude Dauphin

jc.dauphin at gmail.com

https://github.com/J-ISIS <http://kenai.com/projects/j-isis/>

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