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Piet De Keyser piet.dekeyser at ucll.be
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Hi Solomon,

It is in the FDT, but not in the worksheets. You can add any field you need in the worksheets just by copying it from the FDT (you can do this manually be copying it using an editor, although this is not recommended for novice users - which you aren't of course).


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Aan: Piet De Keyser
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Dear Piet and Colleagues,

I am trying to figure out and test the DEF MARC-RDA sent to all of us by Piet recently. We at Moi University use LC classification numbers. I however notice that field 50 which in MARC 21 is for library of congress call number is missing. Where should we place this?

On Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 11:56 PM, Piet De Keyser <piet.dekeyser at ucll.be<mailto:piet.dekeyser at ucll.be>> wrote:

Dear colleagues,

Here is a new update of the DEF files for MARC-RDA:


and of the manual that explains it:


If you are using RDA and the latest version of MARC you still need to take care of the adaptions in your FST and PFTs. If you want to be in line with the FRBR philosophy (the philosophy behind RDA) you probably want to have clickable links in your PFTs for authors, publisher, series, descriptors etc. You can read how to build these links in the iaH manual, but remember that they only work well if you first define the specific field as searchable in iaH (this is a bit unclear in the manual). So, if you want the name of the series to be clickable it is not enough to to have a line as this one in your FST:

490 0 (|SE_|v490^a|%|)

You also must define it as a searchable field in your def file for iaH:

INDEX Se=  <etc etc> ^3Series^XSE ^uSE_^yDATABASE^mSE_

Remimber that you shouldn't use SE_ in the link, but what is in subfield X, so SE (without the underscore); the link must be something like this:

'<a target="_blank"

If this is not done properly the result will be that the search term is dropped in the advanced search form and that nothing happens; no data are retieved, or your link only works for single words and not for strings of mulitple words.

Piet de Keyser

Belgium (where it is now 0.1°C outside)

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