[Isis-users] Print report for multiple databases

Piet De Keyser piet.dekeyser at ucll.be
Tue May 12 17:21:47 CEST 2020


I am afraid this is not possible. The report function is meant to retrieve data from only one database. The ref function is, like Egbert explained, meant to get additional data from another database for each record. You still have to make two reports and add them together using other software, e.g. a word processor, Excel. If I understand it well you want a list with all titles and keywords. I would make two exports, in comma delimited format and import one after the other in Excel. This would allow me to sort them alphabetically. From there you can export that list to whatever you want: a word processor report, HTML etc.


Van: Soraya Ferraz Lima <soyferrazlima at gmail.com>
Verzonden: dinsdag 12 mei 2020 16:25
Aan: Egbert De Smet <egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be>
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Onderwerp: Re: [Isis-users] Print report for multiple databases

Piet, this is exactly what I want to do:

To list all data from two databases in one list!

The bases are different, there is no connection between them. I just want to list the data and fields in a single list with the option to generate spreadsheet.

As if I were going to make an inventory of all the registered content (in fact, I was not able to make the stock-taking tool [manual ref.] work, as I do not use the copies base, but that is another matter).

Currently, it is possible to generate a base-by-base list, but I want to unify that list.
I'm using the report module (central / dbadmin / pft.php).

Thank you for your attention!

Em ter., 12 de mai. de 2020 às 06:15, Egbert De Smet <egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be<mailto:egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be>> escreveu:


I expect your problem to be the third one listed by Piet under here : you want to print records from the ACERVO-database (your catalog) but with, for each individual record, additional data which are stored in a different database, i.e. TRIDI.

In that case (but ignore the following if not) the assumption is that there is a 'common key', i.e. a value in the fields of both databases which is common and links the individual records.

E.g. :

 - the principal author name in your catalog, e.g. v100

 - 'other variants' of the same author name, stored in a separate database, where the author-name is stored in v1 and the other variant in v2

Then in this case the author name would act as the common key and the REF-link would be constructed as :

REF->TRIDI(L('AU_'v100), v2)

because when reading e.g. MFN1 of ACERVO, ISIS can use the v100 value (author name) to look for it in the index of TRIDI with the prefix 'AU_' (assuming TRIDI indexes the author names with AU_ prefix), retrieve the record of the first posting (and only the first one...unless you use the special ABCD Central 'repeated REF' trick) and take the v2 from that record to print in the catalog record of MFN1.  If the L-function doesn't find the correspondent record in TRIDI (there is no variant name), nothing will be output with the REF.

Of course in this example author-names in both databases should exactly match, which is not obvious. In most cases for such set-ups you would prefer to use a numerical key stored in both databases. E.g. the 'accession number' assigned automatically in a MARC-catalog could serve as the key in your TRIDI-database, to mark in TRIDI-records the catalog-record to which it is linked.

If you need more help, maybe you should send one or more examples with concrete data (e.g. a few ISO-output records from both databases), or at least a sample output (manually constructed) to illustrate what you are aiming at.

Egbert de Smet
Universiteit Antwerpen

From: Piet De Keyser <piet.dekeyser at ucll.be<mailto:piet.dekeyser at ucll.be>>
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2020 9:40 AM
To: Soraya Ferraz Lima; Egbert De Smet
Cc: Lista Isis
Subject: RE: [Isis-users] Print report for multiple databases


I am afraid it still is not very clear what you want to do. Do you want:

·       to list all data from two databases in one list?
·       to make a list from e.g. which records contain the word “water” in the title in both databases?
·       to list data from database A and for each record retrieve some corresponding data from database B (comparable with what happens in relational databases)?
·       …

Piet de Keyser


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Verzonden: maandag 11 mei 2020 23:33
Aan: Egbert De Smet <egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be<mailto:egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be>>
CC: Lista Isis <isis-users at iccisis.org<mailto:isis-users at iccisis.org>>
Onderwerp: Re: [Isis-users] Print report for multiple databases

Hi Egbert!

Thanks for your reply.

I want to use this function


to show data of my two databases. When I select a database (in this case ACERVO [catalog]) the report format only shows data of this database. I want to "combine" the data of catalog and tridi in a format.

I like I said, the ref function only shows the first record of tridi and I would like to show data for all of its records.

I hope I was clear now.


Em seg., 11 de mai. de 2020 às 17:40, Egbert De Smet <egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be<mailto:egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be>> escreveu:


I is not fully clear to me what you want, at least not from you description. But what you are doing is this : you use the 'L'(ookup) function to identify in the TRIDI database the first posting (and only the first) for the key 'BASE=TRIDI' and from that record you retrieve some fields like v245 and v650 (title and descriptors).

Normally the key used with the L-function would not be a fixed one, but one constructed by a value (preceded by your prefix) from the actual record (in the catalog database). Now, with a fixed key, all REF-operations will go to the same (first) posting of the TRIDI-database.

Could you perhaps explain better what you want ?

Egbert de Smet
Universiteit Antwerpen


From: isis-users <isis-users-bounces+egbert.desmet=ua.ac.be at iccisis.org<mailto:ua.ac.be at iccisis.org>> on behalf of Soraya Ferraz Lima <soyferrazlima at gmail.com<mailto:soyferrazlima at gmail.com>>
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To: Lista Isis
Subject: [Isis-users] Print report for multiple databases

Hello all!

I have two databases (catalog and tridi) and I would like to print a report with the data from the two databases using the print feature.

I tried to use the ref feature, but only the first record of the base is displayed.
Here is the format I used from the catalog base:


'<td valign="top">',v245^a,|: |v245^b,if a(v245^a) then ' ',fi,'</td>'/
'<td valign="top">',(v650+| / |),if a(v650) then ' ',fi,'</td>'/



'<td valign="top">',v245^a,|: |v245^b,if a(v245^a) then ' ',fi,'</td>'/
'<td valign="top">',(v650+| / |),if a(v650) then ' ',fi,'</td>'/


OBS. I have the 'BASE=TRIDI' configured in the fst of tridi database.

Is there any way to make the ref recursive or some other way to build this format?

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