[Isis-users] ABCD 2.2 update and PHP 5.2.x as prerequisite

Egbert De Smet egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be
Tue Dec 14 23:02:02 CET 2021

I can confirm that quite some attention has been given, since ABCD 2.1, on deprecated functions in PHP, moving ABCD from PHP5.x to 7.x. But users of ABCD 1.4 (for some reason still (too) many !) cannot count on not seeing any 'notices' while keeping them visible in php.ini. Correct settings of php.ini (e.g. "error_reporting = E_ALL  & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT" and even more drastically simply avoiding such error-messages with "display_errors = Off") can alleviate the problem considerably. Real 'errors' we have tried to capture and remove.

The idea is to start checking these issues in PHP 8.x as soon as we have version 2.2 ready for PHP 7.4.

Egbert de Smet
Universiteit Antwerpen

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Hello Leandro

The upcoming version of ABCD: 2.2.0 requires PHP 7.4 and is tested on 7.4. It contains already some enhancements for PHP 8.
The PHP documentation indicates for some functions that it will be deprecated in the next version, or behave differently in the next version.
If we came along such constructs they were changed into the PHP 8 allowed syntax.
But, ABCD is rather big, and due to the limited resources it was not possible to do an exhaustive upgrade yet.


Op 2021-12-14 om 15:24 schreef Leandro Vicente:
First of all, congratulations to all involved in such enhancements. We know how hard it is to dedicate time for this project.
Just wanted to say that people who work professionally with ABCD use to face, for years, difficulties to run ABCD in servers which PHP5.x is not allowed for security reasons. Actually, PHP has released verson 8.1 in November, and we know there is a bunch of deprecated functions in ABCD code.
I have changed a lot of functions to run ABCD in PHP 7x but there is always something missing. I have done such adjustments for years, and I´m really tired. It´s hard to work with ABCD in professional servers, especially in law firms.
Please don´t take this as a criticism, but a heads up. PHP will keep releasing new versions, and ABCD shouldn´t be behind.



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