[Isis-users] question : who uses/needs multiple copy creation in one single run ?

Egbert De Smet egbert.desmet at uantwerpen.be
Mon May 2 15:20:21 CEST 2022

Dear ABCD-users,

as we are still trying to improve on the current version of ABCD2.2 on GitHub (github.com/ABCD-DEV/ABCD2) before making a larger effort of distribution and promotion, we are struggling with a feature : the possibility to create more than one (therefore 'multiple') copies in one run of the 'add copies' button in the record-toolbar. After creating copies one usually continues to also create one or more loanobjects with the last 2 buttons on that record-toolbar.

We would like to know who is actually using that option of adding several copies at a time (e.g. by scanning several barcodes, each click on the barcode-reader causing to proceed to the next line in the input box), and which exact version of ABCD you are using when doing that.

Thanks for giving some feedback here.

Egbert de Smet
Universiteit Antwerpen
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