[Isis-users] question : who uses/needs multiple copy creation in one single run ?

Soraya Ferraz Lima soyferrazlima at gmail.com
Tue May 3 17:14:09 CEST 2022

Egbert, I honestly don't use the copy function/base.
For me, it would be more useful if the auto increment function (or similar
one) could generate multiple control numbers automatically, since in my
case, I add the copies making the control number field repeatable.

Thank you, take care!

Em seg., 2 de mai. de 2022 às 13:30, Egbert De Smet <
egbert.desmet em uantwerpen.be> escreveu:

> Dear ABCD-users,
> as we are still trying to improve on the current version of ABCD2.2 on
> GitHub (github.com/ABCD-DEV/ABCD2) before making a larger effort of
> distribution and promotion, we are struggling with a feature : the
> possibility to create more than one (therefore 'multiple') copies in one
> run of the 'add copies' button in the record-toolbar. After creating copies
> one usually continues to also create one or more loanobjects with the last
> 2 buttons on that record-toolbar.
> We would like to know who is actually using that option of adding several
> copies at a time (e.g. by scanning several barcodes, each click on the
> barcode-reader causing to proceed to the next line in the input box), and
> which exact version of ABCD you are using when doing that.
> Thanks for giving some feedback here.
> Egbert de Smet
> Universiteit Antwerpen
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