[Isis-users] Old version of records

Eustache Mêgnigbêto eustache.megnigbeto at outlook.com
Sun Sep 11 11:49:33 CEST 2022

Dear All,

I noticed recently that some data entered in a database under ABCD2 are no longer available. I have analysed the situation and found that  the cause is the misuse of the "Edit record " function. In fact, when user has to create a new record based on an existing one, they should use the function "copy record at the end of the database"; but they used ti choose the "Edit record" function, replacing the existing content of the record by a new one, thinking that there are creating a new record on the based of an old one. In previous version of ABCD, accessing the daily log file permitted to restored the content of record mis replaced, but with a recent installation of ABCD2, the directory was not declared writable, so there is no log file to rescue us.
Is there any manner to recover old version of records, either in ABCD or with CISIS ?

Thanks in advance
Eustache  Mêgnigbêto
Tél. (+229)  95910242 - (+229) 21147935
09 BP 477 Saint  Michel, Cotonou (République du Bénin)
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