[Isis-users] Problems with FDT of ABCD

Omer Hassan omhass at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 17 06:56:27 CEST 2012

Dear Colleagues, 

I installed ABCD on Windows XP. When I tried to create a new database, the rows 
and columns of the FDT would not appear ( i.e the lines separating the 
rows and culmns making a table).All the rows' numbers 
and columns' designations are there but not in the form of a table and 
when I click on a row number or  the browse column  they do not work 
(freezing).I previously installed  ABCD on Windows Vista and it is working fine.


 Omer Hassan 
Dept of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Arts, University of Khartoum,omhass at hotmail.com
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